We work for a better future

We Make Renewable Energy Investments For A Sustainable Future

We make investments in harmony with nature and social environment

Renewable energy

Artıbir Energy

Artibir Energy makes renewable energy investments that are compatible with nature and the social environment. It manages a portfolio consisting of 3 WPPs (Wind Power Plant) and 1 SPP (Solar Power Plant) with total installed power of 115 MW in Turkey.

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Renewable Energy

Wind Power

  • 3 Wind Power Plants
  • 84 MW Total Installed Capacity

  • 177.000 Households’ Annual Consumption

  • 181.000 CO2 Carbon Emissions Avoided Annually

Renewable Energy

Solar Energy

  • 1 Solar Power Plant
  • 31 MW Installed Capacity

  • 30.500 Households’ Annual Consumption

  • 30.000 CO2 Carbon Emissions Avoided Annually

We Work for a Sustainable Future

We contribute to the cross-border development of clean energy with the renewable energy projects we develop and operate in the markets we are active in.

Team of Experts

Sustainable economic success, where environmental values are at the forefront, is our priority thanks to our experienced team.

Sure Steps For the Future

Artıbir Energy continues to invest in %100 renewable energy assets that are compatible with nature and social environment in energy sector it entered in 2017.

Strong Collaborations

The company targets new projects to invest in with optimum levelized cost of energy thanks to its strong relations with different suppliers, contractors and investors.